• The Safe-Passage Comb Guide

    To Boldly Go Where No Bee Has Gone Before

Over the Top of the Comb in a Top-bar Hive

Traditional top-bar comb guides and starter strips attach directly to the bar, preventing bees from moving over the top of the comb.

The Safe-passage Comb Guide’s unique design creates a passage directly below the top-bar that runs the entire length of the comb. As a result, the bees are able to move freely about the hive, passing around all four sides of the comb. Because the passage is precisely sized, the bees won’t backfill it with burr-comb or propolis. The passage is also makes it possible to feed pollen patties effectively.

The Safe-passage Comb Guide and Starter Strips are quick to install and you don’t even need to wax them. They make the simple and elegant design of top-bar hives that little bit more effective.

A Passage Below the Top-Bar, Above the Comb


Advantages for Every Season

Improved Overwintering

Improved Overwintering

With the added passage above the comb, the bees can pass across the top of the comb and move more easily about the hive to access food stores.

Enhanced Spring Feeding

Enhanced Spring Feeding

The passages can be filled with pollen patties giving nurse bees access to protein directly above the brood nest.

Straighter Comb

Straighter Comb

The wavy edge promotes festooning and the drawing of straight comb. The low trough height encourages the bees to quickly attach the comb to the passage base.

Better Ventilation

Better Ventilation

The top passage enhances airflow so the bees can better control moisture and temperatures. It also helps in distributing the fumes of vapor-based mite treatments.

Precision-cut From Baltic-birch Plywood

The Safe-passage comb guide is laser-cut to exacting dimensions from 3mm thin Baltic-Birch plywood

The amount of engineering that has gone into this guide is truly silly—there’s even a patent pending.

The comb guide and passage plate interlock to prevent warping, it also ensures the pieces are assembled in the right direction. The inside corners of the legs are rounded to make assembly easier. The screw holes (which are precisely 3.6mm in diameter) are placed so the shoulders of the self-tapping, zinc-plated, steel screws partially rest on the top of the legs to help keep the passage plate from bending too much if the screws are overtightened. The parts are nested so tightly on the sheet they are cut from there is less than 4% wood wastage in the manufacturing process. And it’s all cut from Baltic-birch, a renewable resource.

Adjustable Length

The full-length guide is 13-3/4″ (350mm) long, which is perfect for a hive body with an interior width of 15.5″ or greater (like that of a Wyatt Mangum type design).

The guide also has break-away points so you can quickly shorten it to a length of 11-3/4″ (298mm), ideal for a hive body with an interior width as narrow as 13.5″ (similar to that of a Michael Bush design).

Of course it’s wood, so if you really want to cut it to another length you can. Also, custom length guides are available by special order with a $25 set-up fee.

A Complete, Easy to Assemble Kit

Each individual guide is comprised of:

  • One wavy comb guide
  • One passage plate
  • Three passage legs
  • Four zinc-plated, self-tapping, steel screws

Full or Half Sets

The Safe-passage comb guides are sold in:

  • Full-sets (20 guides)
  • Half-sets (10 guides)

Packaging is may be different than shown in the photo based on availability and order size.

The above image is of a Half-set (10) starter strips.


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