The Obligatory “Hello world!” Post

I guess we have to start somewhere so let’s go with the the obligatory Hello world! blog post.

Photo of the morning in the apiary of "Her Majesty's Bees"

I have had several inventions rolling around in my head for some time now, most of which apply to beekeeping. Nothing earth-shattering, just simple inventions that should round-off some rough edges. The first is a starter strip for top-bar beehives that will allow bees to pass over the top of the comb – it will help them better overwinter. I have been refining and testing it for three years and it works wonderfully.

I have also developed and submitted a patent for the winter passage starter strip (or whatever it will end up being officially called), which for me is a really exciting development – I have always wanted to develop a patent (it was way harder to draft than I had expected). The next step of course is to manufacture and sell the product which is only a few short weeks away.

In subsequent posts I will share the patent with you and detail the product development process but for now, Hello world!

Best regards, Bob Ragsdale

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